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BuySafeFacebookLikes Review: The Basics

Don’t be fooled by the name – BuySafeFacebookLikes offers far more than Facebook Likes alone. Which is why we decided to conduct a three-way evaluation of their service, ordering 1,000 Facebook Likes, 1,000 Facebook Followers and 1,000 Facebook Views at the same time. While of course, scrutinising the whole thing from beginning to end!

In a rare exception to the norm, what we received in return was far more than we bargained for…in a good way. We tried to gauge our expectations realistically, but in all important areas, BuySafeFacebookLikes exceeded them by leaps and bounds. Read on and find out why!

BuySafeFacebookLikes Review: In Depth

About BuySafeFacebookLikes

BuySafeFacebookLikes joined the party relatively late, though the social media marketers behind the brand have a ton of collective experience. Rather than attempting to succeed in hundreds of specialist areas, they made the rare yet commendable decision to focus exclusively on Facebook. Hence, they offer a generous list of promotional services for Facebook, but don’t touch any other social platforms.

All of which results in a delightfully stripped-back and simplified user-experience. The BuySafeFacebookLikes website is easy to navigate, the purchase process is comprehensively secure and there’s plenty of information to point you in the right direction. And from what we can see, everything that’s on offer is refreshingly cheap, too.

Service Plans

As mentioned, BuySafeFacebookLikes focuses exclusively on social proof for Facebook, offering services such as Likes, Followers, reactions, Views, Comments, Shares, Star Ratings and so on.

Terms and Guarantees

Unnecessarily complex terms and conditions are one of our biggest pet-peeves. As is a distinct lack of guarantees to protect the customer respectively. In the case of BuySafeFacebookLikes, things have been kept delightfully simple and straightforward, with no unnecessary complications simply for the sake of it:

Terms and Conditions
  • BuySafeFacebookLikes has a standard and digestible terms of service.
  • They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Privacy Policy
  • The company has a simplified and reassuring Privacy Policy.
  • They guarantee the confidentiality of every customer and do not sell or distribute personal information under any circumstances.
Refund Policy
  • BuySafeFacebookLikes offers a 30-day refund period.
  • They also have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for orders not completed within the agreed time.
Retention Policy
  • The company offers a 180-day (variable) Retention Guarantee for all services.

Customer Support

It’s always worth pre-testing the customer support provided by companies like these, just so you know what to expect if you decide to go ahead. BuySafeFacebookLikes could perhaps improve by adding telephone customer support to its ranks, but we were still more than satisfied with the email support we were provided with. Fast responses, useful responses and complete responses – all three boxes ticked!

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

As for the questions we asked, we sent a handful of pretty basic questions the way of BuySafeFacebookLikes, in order to see how they responded. We were extremely impressed to receive their responses in a matter of minutes - the details of which you’ll find outlined below:

Our Questions
How long before our Likes, Followers and Views will be delivered?

It can take up to 72 hours, or three working days, but we usually deliver orders within the first 48 hours.

What if they don't show up?

We very rarely fail to deliver within the agreed time, but we’ll happily provide you with a full refund if there are any excessive delays.

Will they be delivered all at once?

We strongly advise against bulk deliveries all at once, as this can trigger alarms and make it obvious you’re buying social proof for your account. We distribute the delivery over a day or two.

Can I see examples of your work?

Sorry, it’s impossible. For confidentiality and privacy reasons we cannot provide samples.

What will my new Followers look like?

They’ll look like the rest of your Followers – as real as it gets. Every follower will have a complete profile and evidence of recent activity, so essentially as real as the real thing.

Will anyone know that I bought Views, Likes or Followers?

It’s only when you buy spam Followers, Likes and so on that it’s obvious to anyone you’ve purchased them. If you stick with authentic Followers/Likes etc., you’re safe.

Will the Followers I buy interact or engage with my account?

No. Buying Followers just increases the numbers to boost your credibility.

What if I lose any of the Likes or Followers?

You’re covered for 180 days under our retention guarantee. Just be sure to let us know if you encounter any problems.

What if I’m unhappy?

Contact a member of our team if there’s anything you’re not happy with and we’ll do our best to correct or compensate for the issue.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Provision of quality aftercare is also something we hold in high regard. In the case of BuySafeFacebookLikes, we used their Live-Chat facility to put the customer service team to the test with a few common questions, as outlined below:

Our Questions
How long with my new Followers stick with my account?

Our retention guarantee is valid for 180 days, but it’s more likely your new Followers will continue following your account permanently.

What if Facebook detects I bought Followers and Likes?

There’s no way Facebook can detect that your bought Followers and Likes, if the Followers and Likes you buy are real. It’s only when you buy fakes you could get in trouble.

Can I get a discount on a second order?

Sure, get in touch before placing your next order and let us know what you want to buy, so we can provide you with a discount code.

Will I definitely see positive results?

In terms of your authority and image on Facebook, you’ll definitely see positive improvement.

Order Recommendations

Having trailed three of the services provided by BuySafeFacebookLikes, we’ve no reason not to recommend the rest of their promotional products and packages for Facebook. Solid performance all-round for Facebook business pages and private Facebook accounts online.

Daily Turnaround Time

It took about 36 hours for our order to be delivered in full, so will within the specified 72-hour deadline. BuySafeFacebookLikes handed us slightly more than the 1,000 Followers, Likes and Views we ordered, delivering 1,055, 1,031 and 1,088 respectively.

Quality of Facebook Followers, Likes and Views

Rather than taking things for granted, we prefer to check and verify the quality of the social proof we’re provided with. BuySafeFacebookLikes deliver the goods in terms of quality and authenticity – every follower had a complete and authentic-looking profile with evidence of recent activity. They claim their Followers and Likes etc. to be real – we’ve no cause to dispute this.

We’ve only lost a handful of Likes and Followers since they were delivered several weeks ago, so we haven’t yet had reason to test their retention guarantee.


To be frank, BuySafeFacebookLikes came out of nowhere to surprise us when we least expected it. To date, this is one of the few social specialists we have come across that hasn’t let us down in any of the most important areas. They could probably do with adding a telephone number to their customer support service, but that really is where the criticisms come to an end!

The social proof they provided us with was outstanding, value for money is as good as it gets and the customer support team couldn’t have been more helpful. So as far as Facebook goes at least, BuySafeFacebookLikes is an accomplished and capable social seller that’s earned our full respect and recommendation.


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User Comments:


  • I have ordered 10K Facebook likes for my post from BuySafeFacebookLikes who is an excellent social media specialist. They have delivered all the likes from genuine profiles within 5 days in a gradual way. Thanks to their support.
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      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • I want to explore my video to more people. So I decided to increase the views of my video then I purchased 25000 video views from BuySafeFacebookLikes. Within 3 days they delivered the views. Now my video reached to the wider audience. I am delighted with their service.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Instead of ordering 1000 Facebook followers, I have ordered 1000 FaceBook Fans. Then I contact the BuySafeFacebooLikes support team for rectifying that issue, immediately they solved the problem and delivered the 1000 Facebook followers to my profile.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • I purchased 500 Facebook followers from BuySafeFacebookLikes for increasing my brand awareness to the wider audience. They have delivered real followers and now I can see some of the organic people also started following my company page. Thanks for delivering my order genuinely.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • My photos had less number of likes on Facebook then I have ordered 1000 Facebook photo likes from BuySafeFacebookLikes. They delivered the likes within 3 days from the real and active profiles. The quality of customer support is outstanding.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!